Health prevention with Rikai

Health prevention with Rikai

We at Rikai are fans of preventive healthcare. Why? You can read about it here.

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Why health prevention?

Stay healthy and independent for longer

If you pay attention to your health, you will remain efficient and independent for longer. Do something good for yourself today for tomorrow.

Diseases burden everyone

Diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are drastic and reduce your quality of life. You can take precautions with a healthy lifestyle.

save health costs

Staying healthy saves healthcare costs in the long term – both your own and those of our healthcare system.

This is how prevention works with Rikai

More prevention - fewer diseases

Annual blood tests are a form of health prevention. They can help to identify negative trends in the blood count early on – even before diseases have even broken out. This applies in particular to the insidious diseases of civilization such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or stroke.

Recognize trends thanks to historicization

Rikai historicalizes the results of your blood analyzes and prepares them for you graphically and in a way that is easy to understand. For example, a tendency towards diabetes can be identified early enough so that you can still act and prevent or at least delay the onset of the disease.

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Have you already forgotten what the results of your blood analysis mean 5 minutes after seeing the doctor? Then you are not alone. Rikai attaches great importance to translating the results into a language that you can understand.


If one or more of your blood values are not in the optimal range, Rikai will give you recommendations on how to improve them. The next blood analysis will show you whether your efforts have paid off. 

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Easily accessible and close to you

Rikai works with various partner companies. The blood is taken by a partner in your area, whom you can choose before each appointment. So if you ever move, that’s no problem. You book the appointments conveniently via the Rikai platform. The average appointment takes less than 10 minutes from entering the door to leaving the building.

Venous blood collection for best quality

Rikai guarantees the best quality through venous blood collection and thus ensures that the results are always very accurate.