Frequently Asked Questions

Our blood analysis package has been specially put together by medical experts to give you the broadest possible overview of your health. You can find the exact values that we measure here: To the blood values

Our blood analysis is used for health prevention and is therefore primarily aimed at healthy people. If you have symptoms, you should always contact your doctor or doctor you trust. If you are interested in an insight into your health, our blood analysis is for you. If all values are in the green area for you, you know that you are doing something right. And if values are outside the reference range, you can act before complaints arise.

By the way, we measure the most important values in vegan nutrition with our vitamin B12 add-on. Especially if you have just changed your diet, it makes sense to check your blood values.

We recommend having an extensive blood test like ours about once a year, provided all values are good. If some of your values are not optimal, we will tell you in our recommendations whether and when you should have them checked again.

No. We measure blood values that are related to various metabolic functions of your body, your performance and your organs:

  • Iron, fat and sugar metabolism
  • Performance (cardiovascular system and immune system)
  • Organ values (liver and kidneys)

No conclusions about food intolerances can be drawn from these values. You can find the exact values that we measure here: To the blood values

Maybe. We have heard from some customers that their supplementary insurance has covered all or part of the costs. We therefore strongly recommend that you submit the invoice. We would be pleased if you let us know the decision of your health insurance company.

We are also working directly to be recognized by the health insurance companies. However, this is not a particularly quick process, as you can surely imagine.

Here you will find a ready-made text that you can submit to your health insurance company together with the invoice.

No. We see ourselves as a prevention specialist: inside and want to ensure that you stay healthy. The blood analyzes are used for the early detection of possible diseases. If you have acute symptoms, you should always discuss them with your doctor. So we are not replacing doctors, we are complementing them.

You can reschedule your appointment at any time free of charge. To do this, log in to and select the function to reschedule an appointment .

Did you miss your appointment? Then please contact our customer service .

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