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The uncomplicated blood analysis for long-term health

How is your health today? Find out with Rikai .

Step trackers, fitness apps, and healthy recipes from your favorite influencers are great tools to help you make healthier choices. Check your blood values now and get a medically meaningful indication of how your health is doing.

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Benefit from a personal result consultation for every blood test booked and get tips on how to make the right decisions for you.

Recognize negative tendencies at an early stage through regular blood tests and adapt your habits before unpleasant symptoms develop.


Who is a blood analysis suitable for?

Do you want to take preventive care of your health and take it into your own hands? Then you are exactly right with us.

Are you vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian? With our add-ons , we measure all the important blood values that need to be taken into account with a predominantly plant-based diet.

Do you like to do sports often? That’s great – you’re already doing a lot for your health! In this case, a blood analysis can show you whether and where you have deficits. Fixing these can increase your performance.

If you currently have health problems, we recommend that you contact your doctor. In this case, our offer will not help you sufficiently.

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This is what awaits you at Rikai

Simple, medical and understandable without a doctorate

We put an end to complicated laboratory reports. Your results will be translated into understandable language and validated by two medical experts with different areas of expertise.

Fast, digital and close to you

Book your appointments conveniently online at one of over 40 blood collection locations in Switzerland. Receive your results directly on your smartphone within three working days.

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Personal and individual

Discuss your results with our expert and receive further useful tips for your health.

Comprehensive blood analysis package

Our blood analysis package has been specially put together by medical experts to give you the broadest possible overview of your health. Gain insight into various metabolic functions, your performance and organ functions.

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Written evaluation of the analysis

Receive your results in understandable language and review them at any time in your profile. In addition, a classic laboratory sheet is available for download, which you can give to your family doctor if necessary.

Blood Analysis Package

CHF 249
  • Blood analysis standard
  • Metabolism, organs, performance
  • Personal advice

Here's how it works

More offers from Rikai

Prevention advice

Would you like to discuss your health comprehensively with an expert? We offer you advice for a healthier lifestyle.


Join our webinars and learn new things about nutrition, exercise and mental health every month. Free of charge.

Follow-up inspection from home

One of your blood values was outside the reference range? Check it again in a few weeks with our home sampling test kits.

Coming soon!

That's what our customers say: inside


Thanks to Rikai , I was able to reassure myself that the vegan diet is great for me and that this is reflected in my blood values.

Anina, 28, Content Creator

Ever since I found out that my cholesterol levels are high, I pay more attention to my diet. The health advice from Rikai gave me great support, the changeover was easier than I would have thought.

Tobias, 32, Ingenieur

Frequently Asked Questions

Our blood analysis package has been specially put together by medical experts to give you the broadest possible overview of your health. You can find the exact values we measure here: To the blood values

Our blood analysis is used for health prevention and is therefore primarily aimed at healthy people. If you have symptoms, you should always contact your doctor or doctor you trust. If you are interested in an insight into your health, our blood analysis is for you. If all values are in the green area for you, you know that you are doing something right. And if values are outside the reference range, you can act before complaints arise.

By the way, we measure the most important values in vegan nutrition with our vitamin B12 add-on. Especially if you have just changed your diet, it makes sense to check your blood values.

We recommend having an extensive blood test like ours about once a year, provided all values are good. If some of your values are not optimal, we will tell you in our recommendations whether and when you should have them checked again.

Maybe. We have heard from some customers that their supplementary insurance has covered all or part of the costs. We therefore strongly recommend that you submit the invoice. We would be pleased if you let us know the decision of your health insurance company.

We are also working directly to be recognized by the health insurance companies. However, this is not a particularly quick process, as you can surely imagine.

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About Rikai

Rikai was founded in Winterthur in February 2021. Since January 2022 we have been helping people in Switzerland to take their health into their own hands. To this end, we work together with selected local partners. The blood analyses are evaluated by a Swiss laboratory.

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