Our mission

Everyone should be able to lead as healthy a life as possible. We want to help you stay productive and independent for longer. Regular blood tests can reveal negative developments before diseases develop. Through targeted lifestyle adjustments, you have the opportunity to prevent them and live healthier for longer.

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Reduce Healthcare Costs

In Switzerland, 80% of healthcare costs come from non-communicable diseases such as diabetes or cancer. At the moment, our healthcare system is based on treating diseases that have already broken out. However, we believe that it is better to be safe than sorry and we want to motivate the Swiss population to do more prevention. In this way, healthcare costs – and thus also health insurance premiums – can be reduced in the long term.

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The meaning of Rikai

You may be wondering what Rikai means. Rikai comes from Japanese and means understanding. That’s exactly what we want to achieve: that you understand your health and that you can preserve it in the long term. Although there are no pandas in Japan, the cute animal has nevertheless made it into our logo. You just gotta love them, right?

Team Rikai

Hannah von Team Rikai


Digital Communications Specialist

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"Living healthy is not that complicated. My aim is for this to be reflected in our communication. Otherwise you can probably find me in the snow, in a café or at the piano."

Jasmin von Team Rikai


Prevention Specialist


Pascal von Team Rikai



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"Rather than promoting healthy lifestyles, we invest billions in curing preventable problems. It is important to me that we can show an alternative and support people to live healthily in the long term."

Phil von Team Rikai



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"Our health system is designed for medical emergencies and hardly includes any preventive approaches. It is important to me that prevention is given more weight within our healthcare system."


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