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Blood Analysis

Comprehensive blood analysis that gives a broad insight into your health. Test metabolism, performance and organs. Including a brief personal discussion of your results.

Prevention advice

Would you like to discuss your health comprehensively with an expert? We offer you advice for a healthier lifestyle.


Join our free webinars and learn new things about nutrition, exercise and mental health every month.

Why health prevention?

Efficient and independent for longer

If you pay attention to your health, you stay longer, more efficient and independent. Do something good for yourself today for tomorrow.

Illnesses weigh on you

Diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are drastic and reduce your quality of life. You can take precautions with a healthy lifestyle.

Save health costs

Staying healthy saves healthcare costs in the long term – both your own and those of our healthcare system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our blood analysis is used for health prevention and is therefore primarily aimed at healthy people. If you have symptoms, you should always contact your doctor or doctor you trust. If you are interested in an insight into your health, our blood analysis is for you. If all values are in the green area for you, you know that you are doing something right. And if values are outside the reference range, you can act before complaints arise.

By the way, we measure the most important values in vegan nutrition with our vitamin B12 add-on. Especially if you have just changed your diet, it makes sense to check your blood values.

We recommend having an extensive blood test like ours about once a year, provided all values are good. If some of your values are not optimal, we will tell you in our recommendations whether and when you should have them checked again.

Maybe. We have heard from some customers that their supplementary insurance has covered all or part of the costs. We therefore strongly recommend that you submit the invoice. We would be pleased if you let us know the decision of your health insurance company.

We are also working directly to be recognized by the health insurance companies. However, this is not a particularly quick process, as you can surely imagine.

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About Rikai

Rikai was founded in Winterthur in February 2021. Since January 2022 we have been helping people in Switzerland to take their health into their own hands. To this end, we work together with selected local partners. The blood analyses are evaluated by a Swiss laboratory.

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